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Everyone ages, SOULMATES enjoy it! 

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SOULMATE combines the best of two worlds

On the one hand, we provide an accessible, friendly and professional solution to stay mobile for as long as possible and to get help when needed. On the other hand, we use modern and proven technology to provide service and solutions at its best. This combination together with an experienced team, consisting of technical and scientific team members, guarantees that SOULMATE is able to fulfill current and future needs regarding increased mobility, feeling of security and elderly health care. Provided in the form of a rock solid and highly adoptable system, SOULMATE is the one and only solution that fits perfectly for health- and elderly care organizations to help them to extend their services to a completely new level.

In short, SOULMATE helps elderly people to stay mobile and independent with a navigation application and to feel secure, by making sure help is always available when needed. SOULMATE focusses on three different main aspects:

  • Simplifying the process of getting help
  • Insights about the geographical movement of the elderly person made available to the caregivers
  • Access to additional point of interest information along the planned routes

Discover SOULMATE: how does it work?

SOULMATE ensures that one stays mobile for longer

When people get older and less healthy, they tend to be less mobile because they feel less secure. This triggers a negative spiral and people will travel less than before, get even more physical and mental complaints and therefore feel even less safe while traveling. SOULMATE ensures that the user knows his route at all times, knows where he is and where he is going, even when unexpected things happen. If a feeling of unease occurs, SOULMATE can always request for help from preprogramed people and organisations.


SOULMATE offers a simple, intelligent mechanism to get help from friends, family or health care professionals whenever needed by a video call. Contacted people are able to analyse the current location of the caller and can establish a live video-connection with them. The software system is based on modern web-based technology, which allows contacted persons to interact with SOULMATE, even if they have not installed the app.


If a request for assistance is to be sent out, SOULMATE applies a chain-based mechanism to contact a sequence of people until someone responds. At the end of the sequence, a professional service provider is available to guarantee a response to each request that is triggered.


SOULMATE allows to monitor whether SOULMATE app users are staying on their intended routes. This means, that whenever elderly people leave the predefined route that was selected, SOULMATE automatically alerts the user, and, if needed, messages pre-defined contacts to inform them so that they can assist.


For people who are not used to the local environment, SOULMATE allows users to look up nearby toilets, taxis and restaurants along their routes.

We believe, that SOULMATE can add a lot of comfort to the life of elderly people and also dramatically increase the service provided by health- and elderly care organizations. Therefor we invite you to join the movement towards a supporting and more elderly-friendly world, because everyone of us is getting older!

Find out everything about the SOULMATE project

The SOULMATE project addresses the diverse travel wishes and needs of older adults in order to engage in (and to ensure) an active, healthy and independent living in a secure way through active mobility and physical activity.

The SOULMATE tool was iteratively developed in co-creation with end-users, and will be intensively tested and evaluated in 3 countries based on a usability, technical and business aspect.

SOULMATE was developed with the support of the following partners

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